human values and trust in ugc


I conducted year-long research as part of my master's degree in Interaction Design at UQ. The goal of the research was to identify the human values and trust in user-generated content. Particularly content used by independent travellers. I had to understand how they used current technologies and how it helps them to make decisions. The hope is to encourage designers and developers to build the best digital products. Products that help travellers to achieve their goals as humans.

The research

I recruited 10 participants, some were travelling at the time and others had done to several countries before. I ran workshops and interviews to learn their desires and concerns while travelling. They first talked about their travel experiences. Where they had travelled and what they liked about it. They also talked about how they used the information they find online. What is their behaviour before and during their journeys?

Later, participants walked me through their preferred sources of information. What they look for and why they do it. I recorded and transcribed all interviews to analyse in detail their responses. When all pieces were together, it was easy to find patterns in their responses.

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