fines victoria


The Department of Justice and Regulation receives a large number of payments and applications every day. To ease the process and cut the red tape, Fines Victoria website went through a major user experience overhaul. The updated site launched in August 2017.

My role

I joined Adelphi Digital in early 2017. My experience in AngularJS made me lead the front-end development of the web application. I worked with the back-end developers building reusable components for each of the 6 streams of the application. I also conducted training and mentored other UX developers involved in this project.

On the client side, I provided direct support and tailored UX advice. Together we reviewed and optimised user journeys, resulting in best user interactions. The engagement with the client helped planning future releases with a less demanding backlog.

The website has received positive feedback from Victorian residents. Now fine holders can deal and keep track of their matters online.

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